Malta definitely part of EU: positive social attitude about “Europe 2020”

In Malta August represents a significative month not only for those aspects may concern tourism industry, that’s still as main for GDP (around 30% of maltese economy depends by tourism); this year in August we are going to celebrate 10th anniversary of maltese membership as EU’s country. The occasion is crucial to introduce some analysis that focus on how the public opinion on the EU is changed in few years and how EU common strategic plan for sustainment of economy is considered in terms of improvement for professional opportunities and for economy’s boosting in particular in behalf of SMEs.

According with recent survey presented by MEUSAC, the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee, on last edition of official bulletin, the 42% of european population feel their voice and participation as part of communitarian frame where they think to count more then before (6 months ago the same term of analysis reported 29%).

Some elements analyzed by survey regard employment, education, research and innovation, energy, poverty; in particular they showed how europeans perceive national political institutions involved in resolution for contents indicated above in comparison with EU and its institutions. Comparing with previous analysis it’s well clear how in the weeks following last May’s european parliament elections they feel the EU’s role in decisive terms for those aspects concerning the crisis on the job market, innovation and international policies.

meusc analys

In particular it seems there is going to be a big expectation about Europe2020 strategic plan and the targets sustained in such project. In Malta, according with MEUSAC’s official declaration, in the next weeks there are going to take place several meetings which will be focusing on Malta’s performance vis a vis the “Europe 2020” targets.

As concrete response to social demand about participation of national institutions on wide european scenario, MEUSAC recently invited also all six Maltese Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to join a meeting to discuss priorities will be sustained directly by them into different european parliament committees: that’s concrete signal of tight mediation and cooperation that MEUSAC planned to pursue in behalf of representation from social partners and civil society that will have opportunity to highlight their priorities on the EU Agenda.

meps and meusc

We think that the idea of “Malta as fundamental country in EU” is going to become more popular and benefits of such co-operating role is well known already. The same impression has been declared by prime minister Joseph Muscat during the recent public dialogue in occasion of 10th anniversary of EU membership “The EU is much more than just funds, it is constituted by the values and openness to a much wider reality; today the Maltese feel European and our country has become a protagonist in the EU”

In parallel we would like to inform about career’s positions recently announced by MEUSC. They are looking for motivated persons graduate in european studies and CVs must be sent to the Head by not later than Friday, August 29


One thought on “Malta definitely part of EU: positive social attitude about “Europe 2020”

  1. Reblogged this on ADM – EA and commented:

    if we’ll continue on being against EU maybe we will never find concrete solutions to approach european dynamics on positive way. National needs should get international voice… let’s consider maltese case where there’s Wind of success in Malta: social awareness about importance of being EU citizens meets maltese members of european parliament for development of concrete agenda – Europe2020 already on the desk for next meetings


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